ATV Adventure

Explore The Real Anguilla
Take a guided tour and learn about the
island’s rich history & culture. Or, venture off
on your own to Shape your Unique
Anguilla Experience.

Water Crafts

Travel Along Anguilla's Coast
Come ashore on one of our off shore cays,
Cruise past abandoned ship wrecks
and explore our world famous Harbors.
Dive, Swim or Rip through the Pristine
Turquoise Waters.

Private Charters

You are the Captain
Take a trip to St. Barths or Anguilla
Go fishing, diving or just have a Party
on the Water.

You can Experience this Ultimate Adventure!

The island of Anguilla offers many stunning views which makes your experience even more awesome, we have enough equipment to handle parties from 30 to 40 people at the same time, Freedom Rentals is well known for the quality of the equipments and the vehicles we provide, do not wait longer and see why people call Anguilla the Wonder of the caribbean 


Why Choose Freedom Rentals?

Freedom Rentals offers 1-2 People ATV's, 1-2 person Tiger Rider Boats and Private Charters with a maximum capacity of 24 People, perfect for exploring the beautiful Anguilla, our beaches and our stunning and exclusive views. Freedom Rentals is here to help you have an amazing trip! 


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