Hannibal is playing with us

HANNIBAL by Thomas Harris Translated from English (United States) by Bernard Cohen Albin Michel, 492 p., 145 F (22,11) At first glance, disappointment is equal to the myth.Eighteen years old after Red Dragon (Mazarine, 1982), ten years after The Silence of the Lambs (Albin Michel, 1990), Hannibal Lecter, the cannibal psychiatrist played on the screen by Anthony Hopkins, is back, awaited by millions of fans through And now, its creator, not content with having made them so far behind, is paying the luxury of not playing the game expected of him! It all started under the best auspices, however.Seven years have passed since Doctor Lecter escaped his guardians in Memphis.When this third episode of his adventures opens - simply titled Hannibal, as a discreet tribute to his notoriety - he peaceful days passed in Florence, where he became museum curator.Apart from his predecessor, he has not "killed practically anyone" since his arrival in Italy.Under the pseudonym of Doctor Fell, a nod to the character by John Dickson Carr (throughout the book, Thomas Harris thus enjoys multiplying the references, almost as much as the corpses), Lecter gives scholarly lectures, on Dante's Hell in particular (who will be surprised? ), works on old manuscripts and devotes himself to his old passions: music, theater and gastronomy.Brilliant scholar, refined esthete, uncompromising gourmet: God, how attractive this devil of murderer is! How could Clarice Sterling, the FBI special agent he once helped capture another mad criminal while playing cat and mouse with her, forget her poisonous charm? The plot is thus ready to rebound, especially since the FBI is soon competed in its hunt for the monster by one of the first victims of Doctor Lecter.Billionaire enriched in factory farming, disturbing character who likes to spice up his Martini with a few childish tears, Mason Verger survives, his face torn off, haunted by an ultimate obsession: to capture Lecter alive to deliver him to the ferocious appetite of his giant pigs ...

Posted Date: 2020-09-12

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